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Color that dragon Challenge by griffsnuff Color that dragon Challenge :icongriffsnuff:griffsnuff 724 388 Glowing Ghost Friends in the Dark by SoloWingCipher Glowing Ghost Friends in the Dark :iconsolowingcipher:SoloWingCipher 3 6 Blinky and his muffin  by SweetiePie17 Blinky and his muffin :iconsweetiepie17:SweetiePie17 4 0 Crash Unleashed by SoloWingCipher Crash Unleashed :iconsolowingcipher:SoloWingCipher 4 3 Gloria ghost dressed maid by Itzwars1988 Gloria ghost dressed maid :iconitzwars1988:Itzwars1988 2 2
pac-man Shorts: Unexpected date Part Two
When Spheros walked into his Office and noticed patty was sitting on one of the sofas she quickly turned to face him
"Hello there Stratos, ready for our unexpected date." Patricia teased Spheros  was abit speechless how patricia looked, she looked Absolutely stunning, Spheros shook his head shaking himself out of daydreaming.
"Oh y-yes shall we um leave for tonight." Spheros offered his hand to her, Patricia giggled and took his hand "Yes, I'm ready if you are Mr.President." Patricia said
"Oh please call me Stratos, Miss Patricia." Stratos replied as they walked into the hallway.
Pearl and Wendy were happy that their little plan worked out so wonderfully and they giggled as they watched Spheros getting all nervous around patricia.
"Oh um before we leave Miss patricia I need to talk to my Daughters." Spheros stopped for a second "Please wait right here." he assured he would be right back.
"Alright, Don't keep me waiting, Stratos." Patricia answered
"Now girls behave yourselves, me
:iconangelchibivocaloid:angelchibivocaloid 2 0
Diana and Betrayus by angelchibivocaloid Diana and Betrayus :iconangelchibivocaloid:angelchibivocaloid 10 5 Classic Pac-Man Wallpaper by Ilovesonicandfriend Classic Pac-Man Wallpaper :iconilovesonicandfriend:Ilovesonicandfriend 29 14 Blinky H. Ghostmonster by PacandPinky101 Blinky H. Ghostmonster :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 3 1 Pinky O. Ghostmonster by PacandPinky101 Pinky O. Ghostmonster :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 4 4 Inky Q. Ghostmonster by PacandPinky101 Inky Q. Ghostmonster :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 3 1 Clyde F. Ghostmonster by PacandPinky101 Clyde F. Ghostmonster :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 3 3 Pac-Land Heros by PacandPinky101 Pac-Land Heros :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 3 0 Blinky's Jelly by PacandPinky101 Blinky's Jelly :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 0 1 Oh boy by PacandPinky101 Oh boy :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 1 0 Mario and the Pac's comic cover by PacandPinky101 Mario and the Pac's comic cover :iconpacandpinky101:PacandPinky101 0 0


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•ride the wild pactopus
•meanie genie
•bride of grinder
•easter egg island
•spooka bazooka
•pac mania
•cosmic contest
•captain banshee and his interstellar buccaneers
•cave pac man
•rip van packle
•shadow of the werepac
•the pac be with you
•that smarts
•Santa pac
•nerd is the word
•hard dazed knight
•wizard of odd
•legend of creepy hallow
•Indiana Pac and the dentures of doom
•honey I digitized Pacman
•Pac's scary Halloween
•peace without slime/ the ghost behind the throne
•happy holidays and a merry days
•new girl town

Hello there everyone, this is my chronological episode list for season 2. Like last time if you haven't seen the series and want to avoid spoilers just read the list above.
  I actually divided this season into 6 parts. I also divided the school year in two so you know what time I'm talking about. the first part is from the start of school to the end of December, the second part is from the beginning of January to the end of the school year. The 6 parts are 1st  2nd part of the school year, the 1st summer, the 1st 1st part of the school year, the 2nd 2nd part of the school year, the 2nd summer and the 2nd 1st part of the school year.
  First of all, Ride The Wild Pactopus, in this episode, Spiral mentions that they recently got amped up hover boards from Sir C, since these new hover boards are shown in over half of the episodes in season two it's pretty obvious this is the first episode.
  Second, Meanie Genie, Sir C said  that he improved the hover boards even more. So he probably upgraded them recently.
  Next, Bride Of Grinder. This is the episode where Grindett is created. It has to be here because it takes place in spring but it's before Santa Pac because she appears in that episode.
  After that is Easter Egg Island. Like The Bride Of Grinder, it's here because it's the episode where Pac and Spiral meet Cyli’s family and they also appear in Santa Pac and it takes place the spring before.
  Next up, Spooka Bazooka. Now this one was pretty hard to place. But at the beginning of the episode Spiral says Pac will be late for class. So it has take place during the school year.
  After that, Pac Mania. This episode was also really hard to place but I realized that there could be a mini story arc between Spooka Bazzoka and Pac Mania. Basically, since Pac was right about Betrayus’s scheme that sort of boosted his ego and it was boosted even more at the beginning of Pac Mania.
   Next up, Cosmic Contest. It has to happen before Captain Banshee And His Interstellar Buccaneers because Spiral mentions he doesn't want to turn into spider-spiral in that episode, and Cosmic Contest is the first time Pac eats an arachnid-berry.
   Afterward, Captain Banshee And His Interstellar Buccaneers. This episode basically marks the beginning of the 1st summer. Also this episode comes before Santa Pac because a pirate ghost appears in Santa Pac.
   Next up, Cave Pac Man. There weren't a lot of clues as to what time of the year it is. This the episode where vehicles with stealth mode were used. Also, this is the first episode where the berry DNA mode on the lemon rocket. So it does take place before Rip Van Packle because in that episode Pac uses the lemon rocket DNA mode, and though it's in his dream he'd have to know about. It also takes place before Peace Without Slime because they use the stealth mode in that episode.
   After Cave Pac Man is Rip Van Packle. I think this episode comes right after mainly because of the berry DNA mode being in Pac's dream. Even though fictional character’s dreams are very commonly realistic, (well, realistic for their world) I they still seem to incorporate recent memories. So, that happened in Pac's dream with The DNA mode lemon rocket.
  Next up, Shadow of the Werepac. It's Halloween and President Spheros is having his first Halloween party. There aren't many clues for its relationship with other episodes.
  After Shadow Of The Werepac is The Pac Be With You. This episode has to happen after Cosmic Contest because after Batrayus's invasion Skeebo gets mad because he doesn't get his turkey burger. And in Cosmic Contest a group of pointyhead ships steal pac it in burgers new low fat turkey burgers.
  Next up, That Smarts. This episode also happens after Cosmic Contest. When
Dr. B’s robot gets trapped in the mall, Pac uses his robot to start throwing things at him. One of those things was a pointyhead ship.
  After That Smarts is Santa Pac. Santa Pac basically just marks the end of the 1st 1st part of the school year.
  Next is Nerd Is The Word. Once again, I didn't have many clues.
  Next comes A Hard Dazed Knight. In Nerd Is The Word, Pac sort of becomes frenemies with Buttler. That shows when Pac actually takes the time to talk to him. I'm pretty sure it takes place in summer.
  After A Hard Dazed Knight is Wizard Of Odd. I think it takes place in summer since Sir C was grilling which is something you usually do in summer.
 Then there’s Legend Of Creepy Hallow. Also a summer episode. Since you usually go camping in the summer.
  Next up is Indiana Pac And The Dentures Of Doom. Again, no real reason, it just seems to fit.
 For Honey I Digitized Pac Man all I really know is that it takes place during the school year.
  The next three (well actually 5) episodes are pretty obvious because they basically outright state what time of year it is. It goes Pac's Scary Halloween parts 1 and 2, Peace Without Slime, The Ghost Behind The Throne, and Happy Holidays And A Merry Berry Day.
  Finally, New Girl In Town. Although that's pretty obvious too.

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